On this site You will find all the information about our Sidecar Chassis for Road Racing.
Complete rolling chassis, spareparts (including the ART-sparepart manual), bolt on kits and general parts that fits other Sidecar types as well.
So have a look around and feel free to mail us about anything regarding the chassis or this site.

ART Chassis Disclaimer.

Any form of motorsport is extremely dangerous.  Competitors and crowds must accept the dangers involved in racing and watching motorsport trackside.  ART Chassis offers nor implies any guarantee on any items or parts supplied.  ART Chassis takes no liability whatsoever around the use or failure of any material.   Any advice or communication provided by ART Chassis to potential or existing customers is provided purely to help get the best from the machinery.  ART Chassis accepts no liability whatsoever for the result of any such communication.
By purchasing anything from ART Chassis, or acting upon any recommendations made by ART Chassis you acknowledge your acceptance of the above statements.  alt

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