Here is the pictures that shows what can happen if You get the front of your fairing under your frontwheel as you are starting to breake. After a small incident one lap before, the nose of the fairing broke, and it was then stuck under the frontwheel as the teams were braking in the end of the main straight.
You can also see in one of the closeups that the rear wheel and its connecting rods are intact when the outfit leaves the track. Then you can see on the next closeup that the rear upper connecting rod brakes and the rear wheel 'hangs' in a strange angle.
This outfit was fitted with a aluminium fuel cell. The 1998-2000 ART chassis had the option of being bought 'non finished built'. This meant that the customer could bye the outfit without suspension, fuelcell, and brakes and then mount these (expensive) parts themself. This was done to let the customer re-use old parts that they might have, or to lower the costs for the customer and let them arrange these parts on their own. THIS OPTION IS NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE !
ART has due to incident like this, removed this option to buy a 'non finished outfit'. ART only delivers raceready chassis complete with kevlar fuelcell, suspension units and brakes etc.

The pictures below are published with the involved team permission.

The lap before the accident. Look carefully and you see the front fairing is broken.

Closeup from the picture above

The millisecond after breaking when the fairing is caught under the front wheel.

Closeup from above.

These pictures speaks for themself. The driver and passenger escpae this accident without any injury at all !!!

Here is still the rear end of the chassis 'in one piece'.....

Here you can see the rear connecting rods are not broken.

Now the rear end collapsed...

The aluminium fuel cell broken and on fire.