The ART Chassis 

This is a key-ready outfit.

Rolling Chassis.
Öhlins suspension units
Kevlar fuel cell
AP Racing brake system
Carbon fibre passenger platform
Glass fibre fairing
Radiator for water
6 BBS Rims
( all 13" )
Engine cradle (If the Customer has a Engine that ART do not have a ready Cradle for, ART manufactuers a cradle IF the customer supplies the engine to ART).
Manual and sparepart list in 3D.

This option needs an engine, wiring and plumbing.


"Geared-type" steering system.

2014 front section. with multiple settings options.
Mounting brackets can be altered in many different positions
allowing for precision setup.

3 openings gives you good accessibility, and make
maintenance very easy.

More set-up options makes the new 2014 the
most competitive chassis so far.

Rear section, no sharp corners for the passenger!

Side upright, new version.