Delivery, payment and cancellation...

Totally at your discretion.

The fastest way to get your hands on a ART Chassis or components is to pick them up from us directly.  Acknowledging that not all Sidecar competitors are living within driving distance of Mantorp, Sweden, we have a few other suggestions.
Couriering, normal mail, fast mail, express courier service, you pay for the freight from your end.

Whilst placing your order there is an option allowing to select which method is preferred.  A quotation for the selected method will be prepared and final price confirmed, before the processing of the order will commence.

I.E. No money will be debited until a final price (including the freight component) is agreed to.

Note: If quick delivery of larger items such as the chassis itself is an issue please acknowledge your interest as soon as possible.  Lead times on the chassis itself can be upwards of three months in certain circumstance.  ART Chassis does use third party components to compliment its finished product.  The delivery time on these do impact the overall completion time. 


ART Chassis insists upon a 50% deposit of the total order amount as confirmation.  This deposit can be made direct into our bank account, or be sent via bank cheque or similar.  
The remaining balance, debited and cleared, is required before the goods will be dispatched.  
Our bank account details will be provided.


Items on sale are offered to such a limited market that ART Chassis can not tolerate the risk of having orders cancelled, leaving the financial burden on ourselves.  ART Chassis therefore will not prepare any item for dispatch until either payment in full or a deposit has been received.  

Should an order be cancelled after a deposit as been received, 50% of the deposit will be returned, or less depending upon on the amount of debt incurred as a result of the order.  In this instance all goods remain the property of ART Chassis, without exception.  Where the total deposit is retained by ART Chassis, the orders will be held for a period of thirty days from the recipt of the cancellation request.  At the expiration of this period the goods will be sold.

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